WFN e-Learning Hub

The World Federation of Neurology is pleased to announce the launch of its novel e-Learning Hub on

The improved e-Learning Hub features a new look with user-friendly navigation and comprehensive search engine for watching free to access educational videos across a broad spectrum of topics for all neurologists, neurology trainees, primary care healthcare workers, and other healthcare professionals.

e Learning Hub Hub directoryThe WFN e-Learning Hub has been designed as a full access electronic library that includes WFN programs, as well as external material from centres across the world such as teaching rounds, seminars, webinars, lectures, master classes, and related academic activities. The concept is for the e-Learning hub to serve as a single entry point to access this material by simply clicking on links to archived videos on demand.

For the WFN programs, these materials include videos from the World Congress of Neurology, WFN Digital Neurology Update (WNU), WFN-AFAN e-Learning Days, WFN-AOAN e-Learning Day, International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (ICNMD), and Education in Headache to Healthcare Providers in Africa jointly with the International Headache Society (IHS) and Global Patient Advocacy Coalition (GPAC).

As the WFN e-Learning Hub will grow, with more and more sites contributing links to archived educational videos, it will be poised to become the “go-to” website where healthcare professionals from all countries will be able to access free educational material on any topic of their choice.

In addition, we invite organizers of educational events from WFN member societies, academic institutions, and hospitals across the world to submit requests to have links to their archived programs posted on the WFN e-Learning Hub. These requests, as well as questions, should be sent to Dr. Surat Tanprawate, Chair of the e-Communications & e-Learning Committee, at

I am delighted to see the improved WFN e-Learning hub (ELH) now open. The WFN has an extensive archive of educational videos from across WFN’s educational activities—over 1300 videos—and I am excited we are able to make this library open access to healthcare professionals, researchers, and students around the world. 

We hope also for the ELH to become a go-to directory of free to access and high quality external resources, and that this will continue to grow.  The ELH underlines WFN’s goal of promoting global neurological education and training especially in under-resourced parts of the world.

We thank all the speakers, many of them eminent leaders in their respective fields, and the organisations from the WFN regional neurological associations,  WFN specialty groups, and the global neurology alliance who have partnered with WFN in these activities. 

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Grisold, FAAN
Prof. Dr Wolfgang Grisold
WFN President