WFN Grants-In-Aid

The WFN has been offering research grants to young neurologists since 2011.

Please click here for the list of recent prior grantees and reports.

The WFN mission is to "foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide" and this year the WFN is offering up to 6 grants of up to $25,000 with a maximum spend of $100,000.

Research Projects that will be considered for funding include the following:

  • Education such as research on neurological education and patient education. (Please note that grants related to the funding or creation of neurological residency or fellowship training programs will not be awarded).
  • Improvement of neurological services
  • Regional collaboration
  • Disease-based projects. (Please note that pure laboratory or “bench research” projects are out of the scope of this grant program).


We look forward to reviewing applications for the 2024 WFN grant program.

Deadline: Wednesday 31st July 2024


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