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  • An Epidemic of Mucormycosis Strikes India During the COVID-19 Pandemic ⧉

    The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic was devastating in India with a sudden spurt in cases during the second quarter of the year, and with the count of daily cases crossing 400,000. During this pandemic, there was another epidemic of the fungal infection mucormycosis. This pandemic and epidemic completely exposed the lacunae in the health care system in the country. 

    Mucormycosis is caused by saprophytic fungi of the order Mucorales, which are found in decaying organic matter and soil samples. Rhizopus Arrhizus is the most common etiological agent in India. 

  • Migraine in Famous People: The Case of Christiaan Huygens ⧉

    Many famous persons, today as well as in the past, suffer(ed) from migraine. With a prevalence of around 16% for women and 8% for men, it ranks high in the Global Burden of Disability. Going back in history, it may be difficult to make a retrospective diagnosis, in particular, if not all symptoms, as described in current diagnostic classifications, are mentioned. However, the disability can often be recognized quite easily, as in the following case.

    In this essay, I will discuss a 17th century scientist, who was suffering from frequent headaches, possibly migraine. 


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Journal of the Neurological Sciences

  • The potential role of miRNA therapies in spinal muscle atrophy ⧉
    REVIEW ARTICLE | VOLUME 427, 117485, AUGUST 15, 2021

    The involvement of microRNAs (miRNAs) in Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is expanding because miRNAs are important mediators of gene expression as each miRNA could target a number of genes. Hence, miRNA-based therapy could be utilized in treating this genetic disorder. However, the delivery of miRNAs into the target cells remains an obstacle in SMA, as there is no effective delivery system to date. This review highlights the potential strategies for intracellular miRNA delivery into target cells and current challenges in miRNA delivery. Furthermore, we provide the future prospects of miRNA-based therapeutic strategies in SMA.

  • Clinical review of cerebral venous thrombosis in the context of COVID-19 vaccinations: Evaluation, management, and scientific questions ⧉
    REVIEW ARTICLE | VOLUME 427, 117532, AUGUST 15, 2021

    Vaccine induced immune mediated thrombocytopenia or VITT, is a recent and rare phenomenon of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, frequently including cerebral venous thromboses (CVT), that has been described following vaccination with adenovirus vaccines ChAdOx1 nCOV-19 (AstraZeneca) and Ad26.COV2·S Johnson and Johnson (Janssen/J&J). The evaluation and management of suspected cases of CVT post COVID-19 vaccination are critical skills for a broad range of healthcare providers.


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eNeurologicalSci (eNS)


  • Immunotherapies in chronic adhesive arachnoiditis - A case series and literature review ⧉
    VOLUME 24, SETEMBER 2021, 100350

    Chronic spinal adhesive arachnoiditis (CSAA) is a rare condition with limited therapeutic options. Surgical treatment proves effective in approximately 60% of cases. Conservative treatment options have not been extensively investigated.

    Here, we report the course of the disease, analyse the effect of immune treatments in patients with CSAA who were treated in the University Hospital Essen between 2015 and 2020, and conduct a literature review. 

  • Neurological disorders encountered at an out-patient clinic in Ghana's largest medical center: A 16-year review ⧉
    VOLUME 24, SEPTEMBER 2021, 100350

    With a rising age of its population, sub-Saharan Africa(SSA) is currently experiencing an unprecedented rise in burden of neurological disorders. There is limited data on the demographic profile of neurological diseases in SSA.

    This retrospective study describes the spectrum of neurological disorders at the adult neurology clinic at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana's leading medical centre, between 2003 and 2019. 

    A wide spectrum of neurological disorders were encountered in this clinic, similar to previous report from other centers in SSA. There is an urgent need to build local capacity to provide optimal care to meet the demand of the rising burden of neurological diseases in Ghana.



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