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Neuromuscular Disorders Specialty Group

Chair: James Dyck


James Dyck (Chair) USA
Fayçal Hentati Tunisia
Juan Vilchez  Spain
Marco Soza Chile marco.soza@gmailcom
P. James B. Dyck US
Vera Bril Canada
Zohar Argov Israel


The Specialty Group on Neuromuscular Diseases (NMD) of the World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is organising biannual congresses (ICNMD), the last being in Vienna in 2018, the next in Valencia in 2020. This ICNMD congress concept is gaining popularity and also the influx of therapies to promote. From the surplus of Toronto, and from Vienna 4 ICNMD African stipends, were supported for a once year neuromuscular training in Rabat.