Tournament of the Minds

This article was originally published in World Neurology.

The Tournament of the Minds is a unique opportunity for WCN 2013 participants to interact with colleagues, test intellectual tenacity, and demonstrate national pride, all while competing in country teams. As such, the aim of the Tournament of the Minds is to provide an experience that is both educational and entertaining for participants, integrating various aspects of neurology.  This is the fifth time the tournament has been organized by the World Federation of Neurology at a World Neurology Congress.

Based on previous tournaments, we know that this dynamic and enjoyable activity enriches the congress for all participants – both professionally and socially.

WFN member societies are invited to enter a team of 4 neurologists in the Tournament. Teams will compete with each other in a knockout competition, to answer questions on a range of neurological topics based on clinical cases from around the world; the questions will focus on visual material, videos and stills, with a minimum of text. Tournament judges will award the winning team an attractive prize.

All teams will first take part in a Qualifying Round. The 8 teams that achieve the highest scores will progress to a Semi-Final Round and compete in two groups of 4 teams, with the winners of each group advancing to the Final.
There will be one team per country but, where there are a limited number of neurologists, a team may consist of nationals from more than one country. Congress organizers hope that the tournament will attract many competitors from all participating countries.

To participate, please contact the president of the relevant local Member Society who is responsible for coordinating national teams.