XXV World Congress of Neurology

Welcome Message

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

It is with much pleasure and a great deal of hope that we welcome you to the XXV World Congress of Neurology in Rome. In October 2021. Whatever form the XXV World Congress of Neurology takes at that time, you will be treated to a superb experience.

The core of a World Congress of Neurology is its Scientific Program and its Teaching Program. Two years in preparation, each World Congress has its own individual character. From new Scientific Program and Teaching Program Committees, plenary lectures and the Tournament of the Minds, the individuality of this Congress will be displayed. In the absence of continuing dislocation and uncertainty, the XXV WCN will be held in the magnificent state-of-the-art La Nuvola Conference Centre against the backdrop of the timeless magic of the Eternal City.

The World Federation of Neurology (WFN) is honoured to be hosting the XXV WCN with the Society of Italian Neurology (SIN) as co-hosts. The WFN is particularly delighted to have Professor Antonio Federico as the XXV WCN President. It has been pleasing to experience the collaborative teamwork between the WFN and SIN in developing the XXV World Congress. Several innovative developments have flowed from solutions to apparent problems. Most notably, the Congress now has a distinct Italian character complementing the overall WCN.

Another feature of a WCN, no matter where or how it is being conducted, is the effort the Program Committees inject to ensure that all regions of the world are represented among the invited speakers and chairs, as are members of the Global Neurology Alliance. Professors Kennard and Tedeschi, as Scientific Program co-chairs and Professors Lewis and Berardelli as Teaching Program co-chairs are to be congratulated. One final feature not to be overlooked is the assistance given to young neurologists and trainees, especially from less well-resourced regions of the world, to attend a WCN.

We wish all those intending to attend or considering attending, as well as those preparing the Congress, the best of health and a commensurate best World Congress of Neurology.

William Carroll

William M Carroll

President, World Federation of Neurology

Federico Antonio SIN

Antonio Federico

President, XXV World Congress of Neurology