Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We like to say that Chile is a country with crazy geography.  It is indeed a geographically weird country. Almost five thousand kilometres in length and an average of just seventy kilometres wide, its scenery is very diverse and at the same time, easy to reach. Starting from Santiago, if you fly North for just an hour, you will be in the driest desert in the world; one hour flying South will get you to a dense rainforest. Because of its geographic contrasts, there isn’t one single image that defines the country, so the picture is defined by its people.  We have a classical saying: you will learn how Chileans love by how they treat friends from other places.

But this is not the main reason why we are inviting you to the next World Congress of Neurology, in Santiago.  Chile and many countries in Latin  America are on the verge of development. We are leaving behind the health problems of underdevelopment, and are facing the diseases of ageing. We are developing techniques in genetics, neuro-radiology, rehabilitation, etc. The result is an explosion in the number of young neurologists and an expansion in their geographical distribution. In this context, it is the right time to have a World Congress of Neurology in Chile. It will produce an impact in the country and in the entire Latin American region. It won’t be just another congress; you really will contribute to changing neurology worldwide.

Nos vemos en Santiago.


Renato Verdugo
Congress President