WCN 2011: Local Neurology Society

The Moroccan Society of Neurology – Profile

With the World Congress of Neurology taking place in Africa for the first time in 2011, the Moroccan Society of Neurology (MSN) is a natural partner to sponsor the congress with the World Federation of Neurology.

Aside from serving as the hosts, MSN members are taking an active role in developing the congress’s scientific content, under the leadership of society and congress president Prof. Mostafa El Alaoui Faris. “We are delighted to host the upcoming World Congress of Neurology,” said Prof. El Alaoui Faris. “The neurology community in Morocco has much to be proud of, and we look forward to exchanging knowledge and information at the congress with our colleagues from around the world.” “We promise congress participants a rich scientific program, as well as exciting activities and social events, including the Tournament of the Minds,” he added. MSM members have submitted 200 abstracts, from a total of 1460, and have been actively involved in planning the congress and in promoting the congress at home and abroad. Furthermore, MSN members will represent their country in the Tournament of the Minds, and have prepared 120 cases for the competition.

Founded in 1996, MSN boasts 170 members, including 50 trainees, and constitutes all of the practicing neurologists in Morocco. They represent all fields of adult and child neurology, including epilepsy, stroke, dementia, headache, movement disorders, neuromuscular diseases, and multiple sclerosis. In addition, the MSN serves as an umbrella body for specialized neurological societies such as the Moroccan League against Epilepsy, the Moroccan Society of Neuropsychology, the Moroccan Movement Disorders Society, and the Moroccan Society of Neurogenetics.

Half of MSN members work in private practice, while 30% work in regional hospitals and 20% work in university hospitals. “We are lucky to represent all of the neurologists in the country,” said Prof. El Alaoui Faris. “As such, we have created a platform for rich professional exchanges among our members who specialize in different fields, and who bring with them different levels of training and experience.

That being said, we still must work to better provide all neurological patients with the high quality of medical care they deserve,” he said. “In order to achieve this, we must train more neurologists and develop sub-fields of neurology in Morocco such as child neurology, stroke units, and others.

In addition to regular activities for its members, MSN organizes training courses for general practitioners, in which they learn how to better treat the most common neurological disorders: headache, epilepsy, stroke, and others.

The MSN organizes two scientific seminars per year and a biennial national congress. In addition, every three years, the MSN participates in the Maghreb Congress of Neurology with colleagues from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania. The society’s leadership consists of one president and two vice-presidents; a secretary-general and an assistant secretary-general; and a treasurer and assistant treasurer. The officers are elected for two years and the president can serve a maximum of two terms.