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Teaching Courses ▷

TC 01 Epilepsy in the Elderly ▷
Epidemiology and Challenges of Epilepsy in the Elderly Hassan Hosny
Status Epilepticus in the Elderly Samuel Wiebe
Treatment of Epilepsy in the Elderly Jacqueline French
TC 02 Headache: Primary and Secondary Headaches: Diagnostic Approach and Management ▷
Primary and Secondary Headaches: Approach to Diagnosis Richard Stark
Thunderclap Headache: Diagnosis and Management David Dodick
Intracranial Hypotension: Diagnosis and Management Shuu-Jiun Wang
TC 03 Eplilepsy: Spells, Event, Fits … Diagnose It! ▷
Is it an Epileptic Seizure? A Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Attack? Alla Guekht
Is it a Parasomia? An Epileptic Seizure? Claudio Bassetti
Epileptic and Non-Epileptic Events in Children Elaine Wirrell
TC 04 Headache: Migraine and Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management ▷
Headache Pathophysiology for Clinicians Peter Goadsby
Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgias: Diagnosis and Management Elizabeth Leroux
Management of Migraine Cristina Tassorelli
TC 05 Mononeuropathies ▷
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Update on Diagnosis and Treatment. Renato Verdugo
Rare Mononeuropathies Wolfgang Loescher
Mononeuropathies of Cranial Nerves Hadi Manji
TC 06 Autonomic Disorders ▷
How to Assess Autonomic Disorders Without Specific "Autonomic" Equipment Walter Struhal
Basic Management of Orthostatic Hypotension Steven Vernino
Transient Loss of Consciousness (TLOC) – Common But Often Misdiagnosed. Max Hilz
TC 07 Palliative Care in Neurology: Physician Wellness and Neuropalliative Care ▷
Challenges and Joy From Developing Neuropalliative Care in Europe Stefan Lorenzl
Challenges and Joy From Developing Neuropalliative Care in Canada Janis Miyasaki
Challenges and Joy From Developing Neuropalliative Care Education Christiane Weck
TC 08 Neurocritical Care ▷
Challenging Neuroprognostication Cases in the ICU J. Boyd
How I Manage Refractory and Super-Refractory Status Epilepticus in the ICU Julie Kromm
CNS Infections in the ICU Alejandro Rabinstein
TC 09 Sleep in Neurological Diseases ▷
Hypersomnolence and Insomnia in Neurological Disorders: Approach and Management Claudio Bassetti
Sleep Disorders in Prodromal and Clinical Synucleinopathies: Approach and Management Ambra Stefani
Sleep Disorders in Prodromal and Clinical Alzheimer's Disease: Approach and Management Haakon Nygaard
TC 10 Stroke: Heart and Brain Connection ▷
WSO Heart and Brain Project Marc Fisher
When to Start Anticoagulation After Acute Ischemic Stroke Valeria Caso
Anticoagulation After Hemorrhagic Stroke Rustam Salman
TC 11 Advocacy 01 ▷
Advocacy: What, How and When? Mohammad Wasay
Global Advocacy; WFN and Who Wolfgang Grisold
Tool Kits and Practical Tips for Advocacy Tissa Wijeratne
TC 12 Neuro-Otology ▷
History & Examination of The Dizzy Patient Terry Fife
Ocular Motor Examination and Interpretation of Nystagmus Janet Rucker
Update on Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral and Central Vestibular Disorders Michael Strupp
TC 13 Neuroimaging ▷
MRI Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis Douglas Arnold
Imaging of Movement Disorders Tarek Yousri
Imaging of Disorders Leading to Dementia Joseph Masdeu
TC 14 Stroke: Implementation Worldwide ▷
Stroke Implementation in Europe Valeria Caso
Stroke Care in Asia Hamidon Basri
Stroke Implementation in Africa Sheila Martins
TC 15 Advocacy 02 ▷
Panel Discussion 1: WHO, IGAP and Future Prospects for Advocacy Augustina Charway-Felli
David Dodick
Hamidon Basri
Helen Cross
Orly Avitzur
Paul Boon
Sheila Martins
Steven Lewis
Tarun Dua
Walter Struhal
Wolfgang Grisold
Panel Discussion 2: Advocacy Across Life Danuta Wasserman
David Dodick
Guy Rouleau
Helmar Lehmann
Mayowa Owolabi
Riadh Gouider
Serefnur Ozturk
Volker Hoemberg
TC 16 Multiple Sclerosis: Demyelinating Diseases: From Epidemiology to Diagnosis ▷
Epidemiology of Demyelinating Diseases Riadh Gouider
Diagnosis of MS and NMSOD Kazuo Fujihara
Differential Diagnosis in Demyelinating Diseases: Focus on MS and NMSOD Mimickers Georgina Arrambide
TC 17 Infections 01 ▷
Bacterial Meningitis Raad Shakir
TB Meningitis and Its Complications Chandrashekhar Meshram
Imaging of CNS Infections Faouzi Belahsen
TC 18 Peripheral Neuropathies ▷
Diabetic Neuropathies: From Pathogenesis to Treatment Eva L. Feldman
Diagnosis and Treatment of Inflammatory Neuropathies Helmar Lehmann
Emerging Therapies for Hereditary Neuropathies Mary Reilly
TC 19 Paraneoplastic and Other Autoimmune Neurological Disorders 01 ▷
Changing Landscape of Autoimmunity in Neurology: From PNS to Autoimmune Encephalitis (With Mention Also of Complications of Cancer Immunotherapy) Bruno Giometto
Clinical Diagnosis of Autoimmune Encephalitis : Facts and Misfacts Russell Dale
Entering The Era of Evidence: Clinical Trials in Autoimmune Encephalitis Stacey Clardy
TC 20 Neuro Rehabilitation: Rolling Out Neurorehabilitation in Low and Middle Income Countries ▷
New Vistas on Motor Rehabilitation- Low Tech and High Tech Volker Hoemberg
Digital Communication Tools and Ai for Neurorehabilitation and Reach Out to Rural Areas Nirmal Surya
Stretching Out Neurorehabilitation Services From Core Settings to The Community Mayowa Owolabi
TC 21 Multiple Sclerosis: Practical Considerations on The Treatment of MS and Other Demyelinating Diseases ▷
Treatment of MS in Resource-Rich and Resource-Challenged Regions Fiona Costello
Treatment of NMSOD in Resource-Rich and Resource-Challenged Regions Ho Jin Kim
Progressive MS William Carroll
TC 22 Infections 02 ▷
HIV Neurology Current Status Hadi Manji
Encephalitis Nicholas Davies
Cysticercosis Update Gagandeep Singh
TC 23 Neurogenetics ▷
Approach to Genetic Testing and Interpretation of Results Massimo Pandolfo
Inherited Neuropathies Mary Reilly
Genetics of Neurodegenerative Diseases Guy Rouleau
TC 24 Paraneoplastic and Other Autoimmune Neurological Disorders 02 ▷
Immune Mediated Movement Disorders Bettina Balint
Paraneoplastic Autonomic Disorders Steven Vernino
Neurological Autoimmunity with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors Roser Velasco
TC 25 Neuro-Ophthalmology in the Emergency Room – What Not to Miss! ▷
Headaches That Make You Go Blind! Vivek Lal
Idiopathic (Benign) Intracranial Hypertension: Not Always Idiopathic, Not Always Benign Aki Kawasaki
Optic Neuritis – It's Going From Bad to Worse! Fiona Costello
TC 26 Movement Disorders: Update in Atypical Parkinsonism ▷
Update in Atypical Parkinsonism: MSA Beomseok Jeon
Update in Atypical Parkinsonism: PSP Victor Fung
Update in Atypical Parkinsonism: DLB Claudia Trenkwalder
TC 27 Neuromuscular Disorders Part 1 ▷
Inflammatory Myopathies Anthony Amato
Hereditary Myopathies Francesco Muntoni
Congenital Myasthenic Syndromes Jacqueline Palace
TC 28 Update in Neuro-Oncology ▷
IDH-Mutant Gliomas: Toward A Precision Medicine Approach Roberta Ruda
Glioblastoma: The Path Forward Tracy Batchelor
Current Concepts of Tumor Susceptibility Syndromes: From Pathophysiology to New Treatments Jaishhri Blakeley
TC 29 Young Neurologists: Stroke/Emergency Medicine ▷
Epilepsia - Management in Developing Countries Nadia Ben Ali
Stroke: Thrombectomy Availability – Strategies to Overcome Lack of Availability Vanessa Carvalho
Neurological Education – Presentation of A Global Survey Helmar Lehmann
TC 30 Movement Disorders: Update on The Treatment of Parkinson Disease (Early Motor/ Non Motor/Advanced) ▷
Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Treatment of Early and Advanced Motor Features Hicham El Otmani
Treatment of Non Motor Features Njideka Okubadejo 
Neuromodulation in the Management of Pd: Indications, Targets and Outcomes Elena Moro
TC 31 Neuromuscular Disorders Part 02 ▷
Ocular Myasthenia Jeannine Heckmann
SMA Laurent Servais
ALS Treatments Angela Genge
TC 32 Virtual Care: Assessment in Neurology ▷
Virtual Cognitive Assessment Morris Freedman
Virtual Neurological Examination Sarah Mitchell
TC 33 Neuro-Epidemiology: Understanding of Design and Results of Neuroepidemiological Studies ▷
How to Interpret A Diagnostic Test Study in Neurology. Discussion of Examples Carlos Ketzoian
Benefits and Pitfalls of Comparative Neuroepidemiological Studies on ALS Orla Hardiman
Understanding and Interpretation of The Global Burden of Disease (Gbd) Study Estimates on Neurological Disorders Valery Feigin
TC 34 Dementia and Behavioural Neurology – Evolution of Diagnostic Criteria for Dementia ▷
Clinically Based Diagnostic Criteria Amina Gargouri Berrechid
Role of Neuropsychological Tests in Diagnosis Maria Benabdeljlil
Alzheimer's Disease Diagnostic Criteria: New Perspectives Maged Abdel Naseer
TC 35 Young Neurologists: Neuroinfectious Disease ▷
Common and Uncommon Infectious Causes of Neurological Disease in Africa Nomena Rasaholiarison
Covid Related Neurological Complications Khachik Petrosyan
Infectious Causes of Neurological Disorders in Latin America: Zika and Beyond Arnold Thompson
TC 36 Global Neurologic Education ▷
The Global Educational Activities of The WFN Steven Lewis
A Young Neurologist's Perspective on Neurologic Education Vanessa Carvalho
Pre-Recorded: The Importance of CME and Cpd, Seen From The UEMS-EACCME Vassilouis Papalois
Pre-Recorded: The Importance of CME and Cpd, Seen From The UEMS-EACCME Jaou Grehno
TC 37 Child Neurology: Pragmatic Tips for Optimal Care Approaches ▷
Systemic Diseases Complicating Peripheral Neuropathies – What Not to Miss Jo Wilmshurst
Gait Disturbances in Children Hans Hartmann
What's New in the Care of Children with Cerebral PALSy Bernard Dan
TC 38 Dementia and Behavioural Neurology – Diagnostic Criteria for Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia ▷
Diagnosing and Treating Apathy in Dementia Masud Husain
Diagnosing and Treating Agitation in Dementia Krista Lanctot
Diagnosing and Treating Depression in Dementia Jennifer Gatchel


Presidential Symposium and WFN Medals and Soriano Plenary Award Lecture  ▷

  • The Epidemiology and Burden of Neurological Disorders
    Valery Feigin, New Zealand

Plenary Lectures  ▷

  • Plenary Lecture 1 
    Fulton Award Lecture
    The Global Importance of Diabetic Neuropathies
    Eva Feldman, USA
  • Plenary Lecture 2
    The WHO, IGAP and Brain Health
    Tarun Dua, Switzerland
  • Plenary Lecture 3
    Neurology of Pandemic Infections
    Hadi Manji, UK
  • Plenary Lecture 4
    The Role of Patient Organisations
    Kathy Oliver – UK
  • Plenary Lecture 5 
    Yahr Plenary Award Lecture: Developments in Movement Disorders
    Status of Disease Modifying Therapy in Parkinson's Disease
    Anthony Lang, Canada
  • Plenary Lecture 6
    Clinical Trial Progress in ALS
    Merit Cudkowicz, USA
  • Plenary Lecture 7
    The Rett Syndrome, From Clinics to Genetics
    Huda Zoghbi, USA
  • Plenary Lecture 8
    Neuromyelitis Optica: An Evolving Spectrum of Disease
    Satoshi Kuwabara, Japan
  • Plenary Lecture 9
    Barucha Award Lecture
    Transformations in the Treatment of Stroke
    Liping Liu, China
  • Plenary Lecture 10
    African Neurology: A Targeted and Unified Approach to Interregional Collaboration.
    Augustina Charway-Felli, Ghana

Regional Symposia  ▷

  • Asian-Oceanian Regional Session (AOAN) Session: Challenges And Advances in the Provision of Neurological Services in Asia
  • European Regional Symposium - EAN Regional Session: Dementia – Not Occurring Alone… - An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • North American Regional Session (AAN): 2023 American Academy of Neurology Scientific Highlights and Presidential Address
  • Pan-African Regional Session (AFAN) – Bridging the Gaps of Neurological Care in Africa
  • Pan-American Regional Session: Learned Lessons To Improved Neurologic Disorders At Regional Level
  • Pan-Arab Regional Session (PAUNS): Update Of Dementia In Arab Countries

Scientific Sessions  ▷

  • Appropriate Technologies and Solutions for Neurorehabilitation in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
  • Ataxia
  • Autonomic Nervous System and its Relevance for General Neurologists
  • Behavioural Neurology 01: Disorders of Motivation
  • Behavioural Neurology 02 Memory Disorders
  • Child Neurology: WFN/ICNA Joint Session
    • Practical Updates in Child Neurology for Palliative Care, Critical Vitamins and Addressing the Impact of Covid
    • Neuroimmunology, Stroke And Gene Therapy - Key Updates In Child Neurology
  • Complex Epilepsies: What Every Neurologist Needs to Know
  • Dementia: WFN/ Aphasia, Dementia and Cognitive Disorders Specialty Group Joint Session
    • Neuropsychiatric and Behavioural Challenges in Dementia
    • Management Strategies in Dementia
    • Dementia Prevention Strategies
    • Clinical Use of Neuroimaging Biomarkers in DementiaDiagnostic Criteria and Disease Biomarkers for ALS
  • Environmental Neurology: Effects of Climate Change and Air Pollution on Neurological Diseases
  • Epidemiology and Prevention of Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Epilepsy: WFN/ILAE Joint Session
    • Selecting Anti-Seizure Medicines In The Modern Era
    • Seizure Tracking And Wearables
    • Developmental & Epileptic Encephalopathies In Adult Care
    • Epilepsy Diagnosis 2023
  • Genetic Therapies For Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases
  • Global Education in Neurosurgery and Neurology
  • Headache and Pain: WFN/IHS Joint Session
    • Advances in Migraine Treatment
    • Update on Less Known Headache Disorders
    • Science-Led Approach to Primary Headaches
    • Updates on Parkinson's Disease and Atypical Parkinsonian Disorders
  • Movement Disorders: WFN/MDS Joint Session
    • Practice Updates on Hyperkinetic Disorders
    • Treatable (Rare?) Movement Disorders
  • MS and Demyelinating Diseases: WFN/MSIF Joint Session
    • International Perspectives on the Differential Diagnosis of MS
      MS and Demyelinating Diseases
    • Update on MOG Associated Disease Diagnosis, Clinical Presentation and Treatments
    • Capturing MS Progression
  • Neuro-Covid: Realities and Perspectives
  • Neuro-Oncology: Cancer Neuroscience: The Neural Regulation of Cancer
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology Updates
  • Neuro-Ophthalmology: It's All About The Labs: Intersections Between Neuro-Ophthalmology and Neurological Subspecialties
  • Neurocritical Care: Neurophysiologic Monitoring And Prognostication After Acute Brain Injury
  • Neurology in Migrants and Refugees
  • Neuromuscular Disease: Myasthenia Gravis & Inflammatory Myopathies
  • Neuromuscular Diseases: WFN, PNS & ICNMD Joint Session
    • Advances in Management of Acquired and Hereditary NeuromuscularDisorders
    • Update on Inflammatory Conditions of the Peripheral and Central Nervous System
  • Neuropathic Pain
  • Neuropsychiatry 01 – Epilepsy & Behaviour
  • Neuropsychiatry 02 – The Neuropsychiatry of Movement Disorders
  • New Stem Cell-Based Therapeutics in Parkinson's Disease
  • Old and New Therapies for Rare Neurologic Diseases
  • Palliative Care in Neurology: Physician Wellness and Neuropalliative Care
  • Palliative Care in Neurology: Telemedicine and Other Technologies in Neuropalliative Care
  • Pathophysiology Of Dystonia
  • Sleep Research Update for Neurologists
  • Spinal Muscular Atrophy: From Genotype to Phenotype and Therapy
  • Stroke: WFN/WSO Joint Session
    • Challenges in ICH Management
    • Stroke: WFN/WSO Joint Session - Ischemic Stroke
    • Stroke: WFN/WSO Joint Session - Stroke Prevention
  • The AAN/WFN Continuum Program in Global Neurologic Education
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Neurology
  • The Many Faces of Neurotoxicity
  • The Neurological Complications of Diabetes, Prediabetes and Obesity
  • Tropical Neurology-Infections
  • Update on Acquired and Hereditary Demyelinating Neuropathies
  • Update on Neonatal Classification and Treatment of Seizures
  • WFN- Global Activities
  • WFN-EAN Joint Session - e-Learning, Patient and Carer Education, and The Model of Translational Research
  • WFN-WPA Joint Session: Brain Health and Mental Health
  • WFN/MSIF Joint Session – Emerging Biomarkers in Multiple Sclerosis: Current Challenges
  • WFNR-WFN Joint Session: State of Neurorehabilitation Worldwide: Solutions and Open Questions

Workshops (Ticketed Event)

Morning Teaching Courses ▷

  • Cognitive and Language Assessment on a Desert Island
  • Is It A Myopathy?
  • Neuropathic Pain

Teaching Course Workshops ▷

  • EMG Workshop 01
  • EMG Workshop 02
  • What New In Botulinum Toxin Therapy 02
  • World Federation of Neurology Patient Advocacy Summit I
  • World Federation of Neurology Patient Advocacy Summit II

Free Papers  ▷

  • Ataxia and Cerebellar Disorders/Movement
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Award Presentations
  • Behavioral Neurology and Functional Neurological Disorder
  • Dementia/Behavioral Neurology
  • Epilepsy
  • Headache
  • Late Breaking News
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Movement Disorders
  • MS & Demyelinating Diseases
  • Neurogenetics and Metabolic Disease
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neurological Syndromes/Epidemiology/Brain Injury/Neurophysiology
  • Neuromuscular
  • Neuropathies and Muscle Disease
  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Stroke/MS & Demyelinating Diseases

Controversies  ▷

  • Debate: Controversies in Pain
  • Debate: Controversies in Stroke

Sponsored Symposia  ▷

  • Breaking the News in ALS/MND - Sponsored Symposium by Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma
  • Clinical Care Pathway for Alzheimer's Disease: Driving Improvements in Diagnosis - Sponsored Symposium by touchIME
  • New conversations in migraine prevention
  • Understanding and Overcoming the Impact of Migraine: Paving the Path to Better Treatment Outcome
  • Unravelling the complexity: diagnosis and management of developmental and epileptic encephalopathies