WCN 2021

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Plenary Sessions


Opening Ceremony


Plenary 01

Fulton Award Lecture

Moderator: Carlayne Jackson


Plenary 02

Thomas Willis - His Life And Times

Moderator: William Carroll


Special Lecture

Covid-19 And Neurological Manifestations: Phenotypes, Risk Factors And Outcomes

Moderator: William Carroll


Plenary 03

Presidential Symposium & WFN Medals

Moderators: Wolfgang Grisold, William Carroll


Plenary 04

WFN During And Beyond The Pandemic

Moderator: Wolfgang Grisold, William Carroll


Plenary 05

Soriano Plenary Award Lecture

Moderator: Claudio Bassetti


Plenary 06

Cerebral Organoids: Modelling Neurological Disorders Using Stem Cell Derived 3D Culture

Moderator: Günther Deuschl


Plenary 07

Fluid Biomarkers For Neurodegeneration

Moderator: Gioacchino Tedeschi


Plenary 08

Masland Award Lecture

Moderator: Christopher Kennard


Plenary 09

Singhal Award Lecture

Moderator: Raad Shakir


Plenary 10

Modulatory Roles Of Gut-Residing Bacteria In Shaping Animal Behaviors

Moderator: Ryuji Kaji


Closing Ceremony


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