World Brain Day 2014

World Brain Day 2014


Brain is the most amazing and complex organ in the human body

Body.pngThe human brain consists of millions and millions of electrical wires which are known as axons.

This distance is the equivalent of travelling around the earth four times in a row! It is thought that there are about eighty billion neurons within the human brain. There are about ten trillion connections between these neurons which help us to read, write, watch, learn, plan, think, feel, move and solve problems on a daily basis. 

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Diseases affecting brain such as Stroke

Diseases affecting the brain include Stroke, Epilepsy, Depression, Tumors, Traumatic Injury, Alzheimer’s Disease, Infections, Headache, Sleep Disorder and Genetic Disorders.

Diseases affecting the brain are the single most important cause of disability in the world.

It's time to act. Let’s get together to promote better brain health globally.

Exercise; healthy eating; avoidance of tobacco, drugs and alcohol; reading; and problem solving promote brain health.




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Our brains are at a crossroads now!

One in three of us will get dementia or stroke during our life time. This can occur at any age-any time-anywhere!

Both these disorders are preventable-treatable for the most part.




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