World Brain Day (WBD) 2022 was dedicated to the theme “Brain Health for all” as our brains continue to be challenged by pandemics, wars, climate change and the myriad of disorders impacting human existence globally.

The brain consists of many billions of electrical wires known as neurons.
This distance is the equivalent of travelling around the earth four times in a row! It is thought that there are about a hundred billion neurons within the human brain. There are about ten trillion connections between these neurons that help us read, write, watch, learn, plan, think, feel, move, and solve problems daily.

The WBD 2022 campaign focused on five key messages globally:

Awareness Brain health is vital for mental, social, and physical wellbeing
Prevention Many brain diseases are preventable
Advocacy Global efforts are required for optimal brain health
Education Education for all is key for brain health
Access Equitable access to resources, treatment, and rehabilitation is essential for brain health


We invited neurologists, neuroscientists, health professionals, trainees, technologists, advocacy bodies, patient support groups, and other activists to become part of the 2022 World Brain Day campaign.

You can participate by posting our banner advertisement on your webpage and sharing our posts, messages, and videos with your friends and colleagues. You can partner with local neurology societies and organisations to promote these activities. Please encourage people with any neurological disorder and their caregivers to contribute by sharing their stories via a short video message (less than 90 seconds) and emailing the video to

Feel free to use the educational resources freely available for you to lead a successful World Brain Day campaign at your institution or Organisation this year.

We, the co-chairs of the WBD campaign, will try our very best to visit your association, society, and regional group virtually soon. Let us see how we can expand the WBD 2022 to every household in your region and country. Let us work together to build a better world with better brain health.

Professor Tissa Wijeratne & Professor David Dodick
Co-Chairs, World Brain Day, World Federation of Neurology

WBD 2022 Webinar

Fri, Jul 22, 2022 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM BST

The World Brain Day webinar focuses on Brain Health for All in an effort to optimize brain health and reduce the global burden of neurological disorders. The goal of World Brain Day is to share information about brain health and spark a universal effort that brings awareness to the prevalence of brain disorders, the brain’s vital role in humanity and how we can reduce the burden of brain disorders on the world. Register for this free, informative and inspiring event now!


Key Messages

  • Education: Prof. Şerefnur Öztürk, Department of Neurology, Selcuk University
  • Prevention: Prof. Sheila Martins, President-Elect, World Stroke Organization
  • Awareness: Prof. Matilde Leonardi, Director of Neurology in the Public Health, Disability Unit and Coma Research Centre at the Carlo Besta Neurological Institute
  • Advocacy: Dr. Orla Galvin, European Federation of Neurological Associations
  • Access: Dr. Augustina Charway-Felli, African Academy of Neurology




Opening Speakers

  • Prof. Wolfgang Grisold, WFN President
  • Prof. David Dodick, WFN Co-Chair
  • Prof. Tissa Wijeratne, WFN Co-Chair
  • Dr. Tarun Dua, Medical Officer of the Brain Health Unit, the World Health Organization


WFN Regional Association Presidents

  • Dr. Augustina Charway-Felli, African Academy of Neurology
  • Dr. Orly Avitzur, American Academy of Neurology
  • Prof. Hamidon Basri, Asian Oceanian Association of Neurology
  • Prof. Claudio Bassetti, European Academy of Neurology
  • Prof. Marco Medina, Pan American Federation of Neurological Societies
  • Prof. Maged Abdel-Naseer, Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies



2022 World Brain Day Toolbox

This year’s World Brain Day is dedicated to Brain Health for All. We are looking forward to inspiring action and driving policy change through the power of knowledge, but we need your help to spread the word.

We are delighted to share the 2022 World Brain Day Toolbox. From social media posts and graphics to posters and presentations, the Toolbox contains resources crafted to promote this year’s initiative.

Download the Toolbox now to begin promoting and advocating for Brain Health of All. Toolbox Content 2 posters Presentation (contains key messages and statistics) Social Media and Email Announcement Social Media Posts and Graphics Email Signature and Banner WBD Logo Web Banner WBD Zoom Background

World Brain Day 2022 Toolbox





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