Plenary Sessions


Plenary Lecture 01*

Fulton Award Lecture – Monitoring and Engineering Memory Engram Cells and their Circuits

Susumu Tonegawa Japan
Plenary Lecture 02 Precision Medicine in TBI: Lessons from Dopaminergic Treatment of Cognitive Impairment David Sharp United Kingdom
Plenary Lecture 03* Innovative Cybernic Interface in Neurology Yoshiyuki Sankai Japan
Plenary Lecture 04* Neurology Diseases Global Burden Valery Feigin New Zealand
Plenary Lecture 05* Masland Award Lecture - Spatial Navigation Mechanisms of The Brain Thomas Brandt Germany
Plenary Lecture 06* Neurological Manifestations of Congenital Zika Syndrome Andre Pessoa Brazil
Plenary Lecture 07* Neurology Atlas Tarun Dua, WHO Switzerland
Plenary Lecture 08 Recent Progress in IPS Cell Research and Application Shinya Yamanaka Japan
Plenary Lecture 09* Singhal Award Lecture - Targeted Therapies for Dominant Ataxias Stefan Pulst USA
Plenary Lecture 10* Physician Workplace Stress - is it Only an American Phenomenon? Terrence Cascino USA


* A number of plenaries were recorded live at the WCN 2017.  These have been made possible by kind permission of the speakers. Recordings may be accessed by healthcare professionals only for informational and educational purposes. Click here to access.


WFN Medals Presentation

  • Medal for Services to International Neurology
    Jun Kimura, Japan
    Citation: Hidehiro Mizusawa, Japan
  • Medal for Scientific Achievement in Neurology
    Angela Vincent, United Kingdom 
    Citation: Kevin Talbot, United Kingdom 
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
    Jagjit Chopra, India
    Citation: Chandrashekhar Meshram, India 


Presidential Symposium & Soriano Award Lecture

  • Grid Cells and the Medial-Entorhinal Space Network
    Edvard Moser, Norway 
  • Defining the Future of Neurology - Japan, Asia and Oceania
    Hidehiro Mizusawa, Japan 
  • Global Neurology Challenges and Way Forward
    Raad Shakir, United Kingdom 
  • WFN President Elect View for the Four Years Ahead
    William Carroll, Australia