WCN 2019

XXIV World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2019)

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 27 - 31 October 2019

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Dear Friends and Colleagues

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee, we are very proud to host the 24th World Congress of Neurology 2019 in Dubai, UAE. We welcome all of you from every part of the world.

It is an honour for the Emirates Neurology Society (EMINS) to host the WCN congress in 2019.

The EMINS in the largest neurology organisation in United Arab Emirates and regularly hosts regional and international conferences and in the coming year, we have the privilege to organise the WCN congress. 

It will be held in the World Trade Centre, Dubai. We wish to make the Congress a huge success with cooperation from all of you. It would be a historic meeting which will serve as a springboard to strongly advance the Asia Initiative of WFN for world‐wide advancement of neurology in both scientific and clinical aspects, thus "Accelerating the Pace of Change".

You can participate in very active discussions and cutting‐edge lectures by the world's top scientists and neurologists in all fields of neurology including clinical medicine, research and future plans in Neurology.

Dubai, as you all know, is a relatively new city incorporating the ancient Arab culture and civilization to the modern architecture.

Dubai is accessible to all countries and has direct flights for most Asian, European, African countries as well as to USA and Australia.  We are confident that you will not have issues with travel and stay. The local organising committee is at your service in case you need any assistance.

The Local Organizing Committee of EMINS in close collaboration with the World Federation of Neurology looks forward to welcoming you in Dubai, UAE for WCN 2019.

 Dr Suhail Abdulla Mohammed Al Rukn

Dr Suhail Abdulla Mohammed Al Rukn

Congress President
XXIV World Congress of Neurology (WCN2019)
President, EMINS, UAE


WCN will bring together leading scientists, public health experts, policy-makers to translate recent momentous scientific advances into action that will address means to end the epidemic, within the current context of significant global economic challenges.

WCN will have a positive impact on the topics of the Congress response globally with the following objectives;

  • To bring together the worlds scientific experts to catalyze and advance scientific knowledge about Neurology, present the most recent research findings, and promote and enhance scientific collaborations around the world.
  • To bring together community leaders, scientists, and policy leaders to promote and enhance programmatic collaborations to more effectively address regional, national and local responses to Neurology around the world and overcome barriers that limit access to prevention, care and services.
  • To engage key, new and non-traditional stakeholders throughout the world in the development of and participation throughout the congress program.


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Scientific Programme

The scientific program at the XXIV World Congress of Neurology in Dubai will be full of intriguing topics and world-class speakers.

To view the program at a glance, still subject to change, please click on below:

Programme at a glance


Abstract submission

Just a few weeks are left to submit your abstract and present it on an international platform to colleagues from all over the world. Submit your research today to make sure your country is represented at WCN 2019.

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 7 2019


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  • 26 Teaching Courses
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • WFN Medals Presentation
  • Presidential Symposium
  • Regional Symposium
  • Sponsored Symposium 


  • Angela Vincent Award for Best Young Investigator
  • Barucha Award Lecture
  • Elsevier Young Investigators Award
  • Fulton Award Lecture
  • Munsat Award Lecture
  • Soriano Award Lecture
  • Yahr Award Lecture

Tournament of the Minds

The Tournament of the Minds is a unique opportunity for WCN 2019 participants to interact with colleagues, test intellectual tenacity, and demonstrate national pride, all while competing in country teams. As such, the aim of the Tournament of the Minds is to provide an experience that is both educational and entertaining for participants, integrating various aspects of neurology.

This is the eighth time the Tournament has been organized by the World Federation of Neurology at a World Neurology Congress. Based on previous Tournaments, we know that this dynamic and enjoyable activity enriches the Congress for all participants – both professionally and socially.

WFN member societies are invited to enter a team of 4 neurologists in the Tournament. Teams will compete with each other in a knockout competition, to answer questions on a range of neurological topics based on clinical cases from around the world; the questions will focus on visual material, videos and stills, with a minimum of text.

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Free Registration for WCN 2019 in Dubai Offered for Tournament of the Minds Teams >

Discover Dubai

WCN 2019 will be taking place in magnificent Dubai, one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. Even though the city has a relatively new history, it has managed to become a synonym of modern architecture, engineering achievements, and technology.

Dubai impresses with its skyscrapers, sophisticated infrastructure, and luxurious beachline. The city is home to the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa, which is surrounded by fountains that create an incredible light show with music and water every evening. You can also see the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel and its modernistic design that resembles a boat. Another impressive architectural achievement is the artificial island Jumeirah the Palm, which hosts a lot of private villas and luxurious hotels. You can travel through the "stem" of the palm with a driverless train and enjoy the magnificent view of the seaside that lies ahead.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to WCN 2019 in incredible Dubai!