The AAN announced a new COVID-19 Neurology Resource Center, a one-stop-shop for the latest resources and guidance from the AAN and other trusted organizations to help care for neurologic patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Topics include the latest COVID-19 articles and publications, practice resources, and advocacy actions. The AAN’s free Telemedicine and COVID-19 webinar on March 26 is open for registration.

On March 19, the AAN sent a letter to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) offering the AAN’s recommendations on improving access to telehealth services and other necessary regulatory actions throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. The AAN recommends that the secretary extend positive changes made within Medicare fee-for-service to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid, call on the states to take action to ensure coverage and payment parity for telehealth services from private payers, develop and disseminate guidance that address the regulatory, billing, compliance, privacy, and other legal considerations associated with providing telehealth services, make needed changes to several codes associated with virtual care, and reduce regulatory burdens that distract from neurologists’ abilities to provide high-quality care.

On March 18, the AAN held a call with a representative of HHS to discuss the agency’s approach to telehealth support for office-based physician practices. On the call, HHS invited the AAN to participate in a stakeholder call to be held this week. HHS recognizes the AAN’s expertise in telehealth services and asked to have an AAN expert present on the telehealth guidance that the AAN has developed for members during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The AAN has assembled a task force of staff and member experts committed to staying on top of changing regulations and providing educational resources to its members.  Additionally, the AAN has developed a webpage dedicated to delivering updated information regarding COVID-19, including resources for physicians needing to make changes to their practice methods in order to provide a safe environment for their patients.


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