Report by Prof. Tissa Wijeratne MD FRACP FRCP (Edin) FRCP (London) FAHA FAAN (USA)

An exciting second day in Dubai started at 7.00 am with a masterclass in Neuro-Opthalmology.  It was attended by a packed audience presented with an interesting assortment of cases by Dr Gordon Plant and Dr Vivek Laal.

The Plenary lecture on “Reading in the Brain: Mapping the massive impact of literacy on brain circuits" was delivered by Prof. Stanislas Dehaene.

Dr Adrian Owen delivered the second plenary lecture on “ The Gray Zone and Brain Death."

Professor Russel Foster delivered the Soriano award lecture on light, circadian rhythms and sleep, mechanisms to new therapeutics. The first part of this brilliant lecture considered the discovery and clinical importance of the third photoreceptor system of the eye. The second part of the talk went on to discuss the connection between photoreceptor signal light, clockwork and sleep. He went on to discuss the detailed molecular changes during the circadian rhythm.

Dr Tedros, Director-General, World Health Organisation, delivered a video message on the WHO and recent collaborative outcomes.

Professor Raad Shakir, Immediate past president, WFN delivered the important news on  ICD-11 and its impact on the future of neurology.

Professor William Carroll, President WFN delivered a lecture on the global role of World Federation of Neurology. Professor Bo Norrving delivered the much-awaited news on the implications of the reclassification of stroke as a neurological disease.

The WFN- Young neurologists, trainees and medical students informal gathering was a great success. Professor Tissa Wijeratne moderated the discussion. There was active participation.  WFN trustees and the high-level leadership was available for the discussion and future of this group looks promising.

The number of parallel sessions covering dementia, headache disorders, movement disorders, MS and demyelinating disorders, dementia, neurooncology, advocacy, stroke medicine were highly successful.