WFN Committees

WFN Education Committee

Chair: Dr. Steven Lewis MD


Committee member Region

Steven Lewis (Chair)

North America (USA)

Eduardo San-Esteban

North America (Mexico)

Ichizo Nishino

Asia-Oceania (Japan)

Lawrence Tucker

Pan-Africa (South Africa)

Serefnur Öztürk

Asia-Oceania (Turkey)

Suhail Abdulla El Rukn

Pan-Arab (UAE)

Vitalie Lisnic

Europe (Moldova)

Wolfgang Grisold (Trustee ex officio)

Europe (Austria)


Latin America


The purpose of the Education Committee is to promote education at all levels of neurology, which are student teaching, residency and CME. Further development will also include patient issues.

The Committee provides recommendations for the continuous development of educational programmes and to developing and implementing educational tools as curricula, content and board examinations.