Candidate Statement for Elected WFN Trustee

Prof. Kailash Bhatia

Prof Kailash BhatiaI am honored to be nominated for the position of the WFN Trustee. The Association of British Neurology (ABN) nominated me as an elected World Federation of Neurology (WFN) trustee, and I am privileged to be considered as one of the candidates for this post. I hope to be able to contribute to the accomplishment of the WFN mission – to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide – based on the background of my clinical, academic, and administrative expertise and the experience gained while being involved in clinical practice, research, teaching in movement disorders and general neurology.

The recent Covid pandemic has made us again aware that disease knows no boundaries and the world is a connected place and that strategies for healthcare and education have to be worldwide. Given that my initial training in medicine and neurology was in India and subsequently I trained further and specialised in my field of movement disorders in the UK, I thus have the experience on both sides with regard the needs and requirements as well as the expertise and assets in different parts of the world in neurology and the desire to foster communications and collaborations for education and make equitable services possible everywhere.  Neurology has been a passion all my life and I had the privilege of having great mentors both in India and in the UK and in turn I have been able to teach and train over 40 fellows from all over the world. They have in turn appraised me of the situation in their respective countries in neurology and will be contacts for development of new initiatives for education and the WFN projects worldwide.

My main area of research has been in movement disorders in a translational way merging clinical, genetic and electrophysiology to understand pathophysiology. I have been honoured to be the associate editor of Movement Disorders Journal and the current founding editor of Movement Disorders Clinical Practise journal and have authored more than 600 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and several book chapters, and books including the BMA award winning Marsden’s book of Movement Disorders, a large reference tome. I have led or participated in various international task forces for setting up new diagnostic guidelines for tremor, dystonia, and others.  .

It’s the endeavour of the WFN to develop cooperative strategies, and I can help promote these through my associations at senior levels with the European Academy of Neurology, ABN, and the international Movement disorders society. 

I have been involved in spreading neurological education throughout the world teaching in local symposia not just in Europe but also in India, rest of Asia and have had also Africa on several occasions recognising and tailoring to the available resources, which can vary- and these experiences will help me address specific needs and in implementing the charter of WFN.

It would be a tremendous privilege to be elected as trustee by the delegates of the WFN to implement the WFN strategy. My goals would be communication, education, and partnership and fostering new developments and collaboration with member societies and neurologists all around the world.  


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