Candidate Statement for Elected WFN Trustee

Beomseok Jeon, M.D., PhD

Prof Beomseok JeonIt is an honor and privilege to be considered for the position of elected trustee by the World Federation of Neurology (WFN). I am a professor of neurology at Seoul National University Hospital in Korea. My participation in WFN dates back to 2008 when I became the Korean delegate to WFN and I now serve as the President of the Asian Oceanian Association of Neurology (AOAN).

A WFN trustee bears responsibilities requiring serious time, effort, and thorough understanding of the Federation's workings. More fundamentally, a trustee must be committed to the WFN mission "to foster quality neurology and brain health worldwide." Having served WFN in various capacities, I am fully prepared to carry out the duties of the position and overcome challenges in a pragmatic manner based on my experiences in various scientific, financial, organizing, and steering committees. I currently serve as the international executive committee member of the Movement Disorder Society, and am an active contributor to other numerous international societies and journals. Moreover, my years with WFN have strengthened my belief in its core values. If elected as the trustee, I would like to help WFN realize its mission by pursuing the following objectives.

First, prioritize the development of educational programs. Through MDS, I have extensive firsthand experience lecturing in underserved regions as well as in establishing educational programs that cater to the specific needs of such regions. I also have years of experience through WFN, having been on the scientific and organizing committees of World Congress of Neurology. With awareness and appreciation for the scope of WFN's educational activities, I believe we can further develop training programs to improve the quality of brain healthcare worldwide.

Second, expand collaborations with compatible academic organizations. We can be even more productive and increase WFN's impact by taking advantage of the Global Neurology Alliance to identify and partner with other brain-related research institutions around the world.

Last, reinforce our support for under-resourced parts of the world in accordance with WFN's avowed ideals. This means focusing on training and education so that people in under-served regions can receive better treatment for neurological disorders. I would like to offer my experiences with medical infrastructures in such regions to act as a bridge between WFN and regions in need.

What unites my experience as a neurological researcher, educator, editor, and administrative executive is my belief in the importance of brain health for all. I have had the pleasure of working with like-minded colleagues from around the world through WFN and hope we can achieve more in the years ahead. I am confident that I can fulfill the responsibilities of trustee and ask for your support.

Thank you.

Beomseok (BJ) Jeon, MD, PhD


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