Candidate Statement for Elected WFN Trustee

Dr Chandrashekhar Meshram MD, DM

Dr Chandrashekhar MeshramI am grateful to the Indian Academy of Neurology and the WFN for considering me worthy for the position of Elected Trustee.

Services to the WFN

My involvement with the WFN began in 2009 as the National Delegate. The WFN balances its thinking and action very well, and I found that I have the experience, enthusiasm and passion to work in such a milieu. I have served for three terms as a member of the Constitution and Bye-Laws Committee and for two terms as a member of the Scientific Program Committee. The Tropical Neurology subsection had been dormant for many years and I took the challenge to resurrect it by successfully organizing the first International Tropical Neurology conference in India in 2017. I was then given the responsibility to take it further as President of Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group (TGNSG). I was Co-Chair for INTROPICON II held in Brazil. TGNSG now is one of the most vibrant SG of WFN. I am co-editor for a special issue of JNS on Tropical Neurology. I am also involved in activities of the Global Neurology Alliance and the Environmental Neurology SG.

The World Brain Day initiative of WFN is highly praiseworthy. The public education campaign is close to my heart due to its importance in prevention and timely treatment of neurological disorders. I have been actively organizing World Brain day activities. I have published a book of paintings by children about their perception of the brain. Taking inspiration from WFN, we started the National Brain Week for public education in India.  I am national convener of it  for the last 5 years. In addition, for the last 20 years, I have been organizing public education activities on the occasion of World Parkinson’s,  Alzheimer’s , Epilepsy ,  Rabies , Stroke ,  Autism  and  Environment Days etc. I have published about 300 articles in various publications. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of public awareness in disease control and prevention.

The global burden of neurological diseases is massive and there is a shortage of neurologists to deal with it. Therefore, for the last 12 years, through WFN Continuum activity and other CMEs, I have been organizing educational programs for neuroscientists and  general physicians, so that they become more confident in handling neurological problems.


The core mission of the WFN—Fostering quality neurology and brain health worldwide” fascinates me. There is a glaring inequality in neurology care and education worldwide. The developing and underdeveloped countries lag behind in both these aspects and WFN is making every attempt to help them catch up. I have experienced this first hand and I am committed to addressing it. We need to focus on the management and long term care of diseases in settings with poor resources where the lack of manpower and funding remain as major obstacles. This has been brought into sharp focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to emphasize to all countries that health and especially brain health is a priority and needs higher attention and budgetary allocation. Public participation and health education is important in improving the outcome of patients with neurological diseases and as mentioned earlier, I have participated in this enthusiastically.

The WFN Executive Committee needs representation from developing countries. This need and a passion to work for the WFN are the reason for standing for the post of an Elected Trustee. I would be grateful for your support.


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