Neurology for Non-Neurologists


Developing countries face a severe shortage of neurological health care services. For example, Bower and Zenebe (Neurology 2005;64:412-415) stated that there are at least 250 million people with brain disorders in the developing world and their large survey found that 23 African nations averaged 5 million population per neurologist.

To address this severe shortage of neurologists the WFN Education Committee gathered useful neurology resources for non-neurologist general practitioners to enhance their skills in evaluation and management of common and dangerous neurological disorders in developing countries. The following section consists of core neurology e-texts, useful neurology web links and a Facebook Page. The generalist may choose to start with a basic core text on rapid evaluation and management of common neurological symptoms on the following webpage: Approach to Common Neurological Symptoms in Internal Medicine


WFN Primary Care Resources

Useful links


WFN Primary Care Facebook Page

The WFN Primary Care Facebook Pages are designed to provide a way discuss issues and events related to neurological care in developing countries. This site also provides a way to communicate with the WFN, Neurology Educators and peers.