WFN Educational Grants-In-Aid Recipients


2015 Educational Grants

WFN Grants-in-aid were awarded in 2015 to the following individuals or research groups:

Documenting, Discussing and Diminishing the Impact of Epilepsy on Arranged Marriages in South Asia.  Gagandeep Singh (Dr Lekha Pandit) India
Establishing the headache services in the city of Bangalore south India Girish Baburao Kulkarni India
Expanding the Epilepsy Workforce in rural India Mamta Bhushan Singh India
Patterns of peripheral neuropathy in HAART - naïve patients in Senegal Annick Melanie Magnerou Senegal
Diagnosis and management of demetia across the world Thomas Bak Edinburgh
International course of Neuroepidermiology, Clinical Neurology and Research methods in low income countries Giancarlo Logriscino Bari
Translation and adaption of a Neurophychological battery in Arabic language and normalisation in the Moroccon population Maria Benabdeljlil Morocco
Feasibility of an interventionto improve neurorehabilitation in paediatric survivors of cerebral palsy Kiran Thakur Malawi
Training forum Neurology update in Kazakhstan Saltanat Kamenova  Kazakhstan