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Tropical and Geographical Neurology Specialty Group

Chair: Chandrashekhar Meshram




The Specialty Group on Tropical Neurology was formed with a mission to foster research collaboration into poorly understood aspects of neurological disorders prevalent in the tropics and to disseminate knowledge at international and regional levels in the neglected area of neurology.

One of the ways of achieving the mission objectives would be to organize a regular biennial meeting of the Tropical Neurology Specialty Group in different locations with a local emphasis on tropical disorders. Another goal is to provide training in advanced centres in the world to young doctors from underdeveloped countries. The Specialty Group will also strive for representation of tropical neurological disorders in the scientific program of the World Congress of Neurology.

An eventual undertaking should rightfully be the revival of the Journal of Tropical and Geographical Neurology.


Executive Committee Members

Erich Schmutzhard Austria
Augustina Charway-felli Ghana
Marco Tulio Medina Honduras
Sarosh Katrak India
U K Misra India
Gagandeep Singh India 
Hector Garcia Peru
Ahmed Bhigjee South Africa
William Howlett Tanzania
Raad Shakir UK