In accordance with the WFN constitution, the nominating committee will:

  • choose a list of candidates for the offices of Trustee and Officer other than Additional Officer
  • publish that list at least six months prior to the relevant Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • accept additional nominations supported with the signatures of five or more authorised delegates which are received by the Secretary-General at least thirty days prior to that AGM
  • submit the amended list at that AGM

The Officers of the Federation shall be the President, the First Vice President, the Secretary-General and Treasurer, and such other Vice Presidents as the Member Societies at a meeting of the Council of Delegates shall decide and such Additional Officers as the Trustees shall decide.

The Officers shall be elected at an AGM and shall hold office from 1st January following that AGM until 1st January following the fourth AGM after that AGM and only the Secretary-General may be re-appointed and then only for one further term of office.

The Secretary-General will act as the Secretary of the Federation in accordance with the Act.

If an Officer does not complete his or her term of office the Trustees may fill that vacancy for the unexpired term except that if the office of President becomes vacant the first Vice-President shall assume the responsibilities of the President until the next AGM when a new President shall be elected to hold office for the unexpired term then remaining of the previous President and at the expiration of that term may be re-elected but only for one further term of office.

Every Officer must be an individual member of a Member Society or an associate member of the Federation.

The Trustees may appoint as an Additional Officer of the Federation any individual member of a Member Society or an associate member of the Federation upon such terms and with such title as the Trustees shall decide.


2020 Elected Trustee Elections

The Nominating Committee of the World Federation of Neurology invited nominations for one Elected Trustee post which falls vacant with effect from the 2020 Annual General Meeting (Council of Delegates) on 9th September 2020. The voting was held by electronic ballot for the first time. 

The following 6 candidates were (In alphabetical order).

The new elected Trustee was Dr Morris Freedman.