Professor Tissa Wijeratne and Professor Sheila Crewther talks about their recent paper on a novel syndrome Post Covid-19 Neurological Syndrome (PCNS)

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in over 38 million cases worldwide with just over one million deaths with unprecedented challenges from all aspects of life.

Professor Tissa Wijeratne  (La Trobe University, Western Health, University of Melbourne, Rajarata University) and Professor Sheila Crewther (La Trobe University and Western Health)  published the first research paper introducing the Post Covid-19 Neurological Syndrome (PCNS) in the Journal of the Neurological Sciences today.

There is enough evidence to suggest just over 90% of the COVID-19 positive cases are going to experience PCNS symptoms months after the acute infection. Neurologists must be aware and be vigilant.
Professor Wijeratne, first author.


Simple tests such as CRP, neutrophil -lymphocyte ratio, D-dimer which are easily available for many doctors all over the world appear to be quite useful with what we have observed and what we have published.  Early detection is important as these patients can be helped.
Professor Sheila Crewther


We are in the process of finalising our study protocols to run clinical trials to treat PCNS patients early as this is going to be critically important as the pandemic will continue to unfold in the coming months.
Professor Wijeratne

Post-COVID 19 Neurological Syndrome (PCNS); a novel syndrome with challenges for the global neurology community. Tissa Wijeratne, Sheila Crewther. Journal of the Meurological Sciences. Correspondance Published:October 12, 2020 DOI:



Prof. Tissa Wijeratne