Travel restrictions due to Covid-19 have forced this year's Council of Delegates (CoD) meeting to be held virtually. Additionally, in order to comply with the WFN Articles of Association in accordance with the UK Charities Commission, it is necessary to conduct the normal process of voting of a new WFN Elected Trustee by remote (electronic) ballot.

This year, 6 candidates are applying to the Elected Trustee position. To ensure that voting can be completed in a fair and orderly manner, i.e. without the risk of interruption and differences in time zone affecting the vote, the process of voting will be carried out in advance of the virtual CoD meeting. Voting will be carried out electronically via an online ballot.

Invitations to register to vote will be sent out on 17 August to all Member Societies. Electronic voting will take place between 28 August to 4 September 2020. The results of the voting will be announced during the virtual CoD meeting taking place on 9 September 2020.