Editor’s Update for the Journal of the Neurological Sciences

John D. England, MD 

I am pleased to announce that the Journal of the Neurological Sciences is publishing a series of articles in a two-part Special Issue on “Addiction Medicine”. The Editor for this special issue is Dr. Mark S. Gold, a world-renowned Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine expert.

As we are all aware, substance abuse and drug addiction are a major unmet public health problem. A major part of this problem is the “opioid epidemic”. However, alcohol and other substances are also major contributors to this significant public health burden. The magnitude and scope of these issues mandate that all health care providers and public health officials be better informed about the recognition and treatment of patients with substance use disorders.

As part of our journal’s mission to inform and educate readers about significant public health issues in Neurology and Psychiatry, we are publishing the first of a two-part Special Issue on “Addiction Medicine”. The authors of these articles are all world experts on a particular aspect of “Addiction Medicine”.

Topics range from basic neuroscience to clinical diagnosis and treatment of substance use disorders and addiction. We are hopeful that these articles will provide readers with a better and more complete understanding of the current state of “Addiction Medicine”. The first part of this Special Issue is accessible via the website for the Journal of the Neurological Sciences or the link via ScienceDirect.